Stick a FORK in the word custom and go with Adaptable

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What exactly does it mean to have a custom system? Can you simply purchase it off the shelf with a set of options? It might be that a company in your industry has “expanded” their existing software to allow for “customization.” There are numerous ways to describe customization, but just as many ways to disguise its limitations.

At BlueQuill Solutions, we believe that operating systems are the essential part of your ecosystem. The day-to-day lives of your employees are impacted by this. Their ability to fulfill the roles and responsibilities you have given them is determined by that system.
You will have one of two experiences. You will have a system that does a fair amount of what you need in the way you and your team want to do it. Eventually, you will encounter something where you have to make a choice. Do I alter the way I want to do this to fit the system, or do I look for a different system to handle this aspect of the work?

When that fork in the road comes for a variety of reasons, what does it mean for your team? You and your team are no longer in control because it’s no longer customized. You are forced to adapt. That’s not necessarily a negative thing, as it’s akin to a speed bump. You have to slow down, assess how to address the issue, and then solve it to move forward. With so much focus on the speed bump, you might overlook the strain that bump places on the car and its occupants. Your team starts and stops and has to expend mental energy on solving a problem and dealing with a changing system. At the same time, they have a business world that is constantly changing, as do their clients. Introducing another challenge doesn’t help. When it comes to custom systems, what does that mean? It’s custom today… but what about tomorrow? Do the individuals creating the system have your and your peo- ple’s best interests at the forefront of that conversation? Who is constructing the system, and does everyone interpret customization in the same way?

At BlueQuill Solutions, we believe that custom means tailor-made, specifically for you. Operating systems are an integral part of your ecosystem, influencing your employees just as much as your clients. We develop, integrate, and promote systems that enhance your employees, thereby improv- ing your company. Salesforce allows for goals to be met and for adaptable set ups to be achieved. Reach out and let us take a look at your system or your dream system. Thanks

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